Richfield's Combination Centrifuge and Processing unit is designed to be totally self contained & easily moved for shallow drilling  & No Disturb locations.  

With one load using a winch tractor & lowboy trailer, the unit can be moved into position & set up easily within 20 minutes.  

The Combination Centrifuge provides everyting required for dewatering, clear water drilling & solids containment.

No picker required.


  • Low profile to fit lower mud tanks

  • One tank has four compartments

  •  Completely self contained

  • Highly mobile

  • No picker required

  • Adjustable weir system 

  • Mud gun in front compartment for liquefying solids in no disturb locations


  • De-watering System, clear water drilling, solids containment,

  • Shale containment for No Disturb locations


  • Length:                     50'

  • Width:                       12' 6"

  • Volume Capacity:   400 barrels/64 cubes

  • Weight:                      21,000 Kg (with one SS1000 Centrifuge)



  • Power: 10HP 480V 3Ph XP blower unit

  • Capacity: 1.0 Cubic meter tank

  • Features: Lightweight, small footprint, quiet operation, no maintenance req'd.

  • Dimensions: 70"L x 48"W x 88"H

  • Weight: 1365kg / 3000lbs

Premix 029.jpg


  • Electric or Ruffneck Steam Heater

  • Lights

  • Protects Mudvac from adverse weather conditions

  • Dimensions: 16' L X 6' W X 7' H

  • Weight: 4000 lbs (1818 kg)


  • Power: 480V or 575V, 25HP, 3 phase electric motor

  • General environment clean up, such as mud pumps etc.

  • Capacity: one cubic metres

  • Unit separates allowing placement of the tank in the sub structure, and the power unit away from the critical areas making it safer.

  • Explosion proof

  • 2", 3"suction and 3" discharge

  • Fruitland 500 pump

  • Dimensions: 8 ½' L X 4' W X6 ½' H

  • Weight: 3000 lbs (1365kg)



  • Power: 480V or 575V, 25hp 3 phase electric motor

  • Remote power switch

  • Timed shut off

  • Tank Liquid Capacity: 10 barrels (1.8 cubic metres)

  • Auto discharge

  • Dimensions: 4' X 14' (1.22m X 4.27m)

  • Weight: 3500 lbs (1600 kg)

Mud vac_edited.jpg


  • Injection Unit / Oxygen Scavenger

  • Usage:

  • Mix and Inject Sodium Sulfite or Ammonium Bisulfite

  • Specifications: Adjustable Diaphragm Pump, Max. Rates 12.3 GPH (46.6 LPH) @100 PSI

  • 11.6 GPH (44.0 LPH) @350 PSI

  • Capacity 500 Litres

  • Features: Fits inside pumphouse

  • Dimensions: 30' L X 30' W X 42' H

  • Weight: Lightweight


  • Uses 4 pre-tensioned screens giving this unit an industry leading 30 sq. ft. of screening area

  • Front/Rear Cranks, deck to negative 6, positive 8 degrees of screen deck inclination and also provide up to 12" of vertical height adjustment.

  • Orbital motors are factory set at 5.6g's (80-85% duty cycle) and capable of generating 6.7g's at 100% duty cyle

  • Screen deck surface features polyurethane, high analine content, oil resistant screen cushions

  • Screens available in mesh sizing from #8 to #400

  • Can be mounted in drive-in shale tanks with catch tank as well as custom applications inside our 20' and 30' combination centrifuge stand/shale tank

  • Dimensions: H 44" (Min) 52"(Max) x L 120" x W 78" (17.3cm(Min) 20.5cm(Max) x 47.2cm x 30.7cm)

  • Weight: 2500lbs / 1136kgs (Excluding catch tank)


  • Drive-in type

  • Super heavy duty construction "triple skid"

  • Shale Dryer Systems available for use in these tanks.

  • Dimensions: 40 'L X 10' W X 4' H


  • Includes centrifuge stand (adjustable to 14' high)

  • Shale Dryer Systems available for these tanks using base for fluid recovery

  • Ideal for oil mud (loader wheels stay outside tank)

  • Capacity: Liquid capacity 8.0 cubic metres

  • Dimensions: Top deck 14' wide X 30' long

  • Dimensions: 32 ' L X 10' W X 11' H Weight 28,000 lbs / 12,725 kgs


  • Includes centrifuge stand (adjustable to 14' high)

  • Ideal for oil mud (loader wheels stay outside tank)

  • Reduced lease size

  • Not necessary to bury a catch tank

  • Solids are in one place

  • A safer, environmentally friendly work area

  • Shale Dryer Systems available for these tanks using base for fluid recovery

  • Capacity: Liquid capacity 5.0 cubic metres easy rig up

  • Dimensions: Top deck 12.5' wide X 20' long

  • Dimensions: 22 ' L X 10' W X 11' H Weight 18,000 lbs / 8180 kgs


  • *NEW* 40' L X 11' W ( ID ) X 8' H

  • Storage of Cuttings

  • Drive-in style

  • Easily tarped over for storage

  • Large capacity saving space on lease

  • Dimensions: 40' L X 10' W ( ID ) X 8' H


  • Polyshear Mixers

  • Usages: Quick mix polymers, clays or chemicals to a smooth homogeneous mixture. Fast complete blending of viscosifiers, XC, XCD polymers, drispac, etc. Eliminates shaker screen blinding from "fish eyes" or unmixed product.

  • Sizes: Available in 6 inch (152mm) and 4 inch (102 mm) sizes

  • 6" - Overall Length: 30" (cut out 36 1/4") - Shipping weight: 100lbs (45.5 kg)

  • 4" - Overall Length: 24" (cut out 30 1/4") - Shipping weight: 60lbs (27 kg)

  • Power Shears

  • Motor driven shears are also available if mixing pump volumes are too low


  • Power: 5 H.P, 3 phase, 208 V XP rated motor/ Belt driven CAT triplex pump.

  • Clear blinded rig shaker and shale dryer screens

  • Sample Washing

  • General Cleanup around rig

  • Modified low pressure screen cleaning units available that reduce vaporization of cleaning agents

  • Dimensions: 1 cubic meter tank



The Scavenger DFRS System allows operators to run finer screen selection, unlike alternative systems on the market today, eliminating the screening down effect seen in those systems.
The Scavenger System uses oscillating air flow which stops cuttings on an interval, allowing  the vacuum  to strip the cutting of the fluid, releasing it to travel down the shaker.  This system eliminates the "fluid" cushion on the screen, which is immediately by the vacuum.
The Scavenger System, with patented oscillating system does not cause the cutting/s to stick to the screen or for them to be splintered into fine materials which can then pass through the screen

scvenger sys.JPG



42" Rig Fans

  • Usage: Removes toxic vapours from the top of mud tanks, and provides clean air for a safe working environment

  • 110/220 volt explosion proof electric motor c/w 50m cab tire

  • Dimensions: 42" in diameter

  • Weight: 50 kg

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