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Equipment: Our Products
Scavenger Systems
scvenger sys_edited.jpg
Scavenger Systems
  • The Scavenger DFRS System allows for finer screen selection

  • Oscillating airflow which stops cuttings on an interval

  • Patented oscillating system, does not cause the cutting/s to stick to the screen

Split Mud Vac
  • Power: 480V or 575V, 25HP, 3 phase electric motor

  • General environment clean up

  • New safer design

  • Explosion-proof

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  • Electric or Ruffneck Steam Heater

  • Lights

  • Protects Mudvac from adverse weather conditions

  • Dimensions: 16' L X 6' W X 7' H

  • Weight: 4000 lbs (1818 kg)

Regenerative Fan
  • Power: 10HP 480V 3Ph XP blower unit

  • Capacity: 1.0 Cubic meter tank

  • Features: Lightweight, small footprint, quiet operation, no maintenance req'd.

  • Dimensions: 70"L x 48"W x 88"H

  • Weight: 1365kg / 3000lbs

Mud vac_edited_edited.jpg
Mud Vac System
  • Power: 480V or 575V, 25hp 3 phase electric motor

  • Remote power switch

  • Timed shut off

  • Tank Liquid Capacity: 10 barrels (1.8 cubic metres)

  • Auto discharge

GP Aug09 006_edited.jpg
Centrifuge Unit
  • Richfield's Combination Centrifuge and Processing unit is designed to be totally self-contained & easily moved for shallow drilling  & No Disturb locations.  

  • With one load using a winch tractor & lowboy trailer, the unit can be moved into position & set up easily within 20 minutes.  

  • The Combination Centrifuge provides everything required for dewatering, clear water drilling & solids containment.

  • No picker required.

Injection unit
  • Injection Unit / Oxygen Scavenger

  • Usage:Mix and Inject Sodium Sulfite or Ammonium Bisulfite

Vortex Shaker (2).jpg
Shale Dryer
  • Uses 4 pre-tensioned screens 

  • Front/Rear Cranks

  • Orbital motors

  • Screen deck surface features polyurethane, high analine content, oil-resistant screen cushions

  • Screens available in mesh sizing 

  • Can be mounted in drive-in shale tanks with catch tank as well as our centrifuge stand/shale tank

Equipment: MudVac
Equipment: Injection Shale
GP Aug09 006_edited.jpg
Storage Tanks
  • Drive-in type

  • Super heavy duty construction "triple skid"

  • Shale Dryer Systems available for use in these tanks.

  • Dimensions: 40 'L X 10' W X 4' H

Centrifuge Stand
  • Includes centrifuge stand (adjustable to 14' high)

  • Shale Dryer Systems available for these tanks using base for fluid recovery

  • Ideal for oil mud (loader wheels stay outside tanks

  • Various sizes

Drive-In Tank
  • *NEW* 40' L X 11' W ( ID ) X 8' H

  • Storage of Cuttings

  • Drive-in style

  • Easily tarped over for storage

  • Large capacity saving space on lease

  • Various sizes

Poly shears Wash Guns
Equipment: Fans and other
  • Power: 5 H.P, 3 phase, 208 V XP rated motor/ Belt driven CAT triplex pump.

  • Clear blinded rig shaker and shale dryer screens

  • Sample Washing

  • General Cleanup around rig

Polyshear Mixers
  • ​Usages: Quick mix polymers, clays or chemicals to a smooth homogeneous mixture. Fast complete blending of viscosifiers, XC, XCD polymers, drispac, etc. Eliminates shaker screen blinding from "fish eyes" or unmixed product.

  • Various Sizes avaialble

  • Power Shears

42" Fans
  • Usage: Removes toxic vapours from the top of mud tanks, and provides clean air for a safe working environment

  • 110/220 volt explosion proof electric motor c/w 50m cab tire

  • Dimensions: 42" in diameter

  • Weight: 50 kg

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